On 12 June 2022, the Central Moscow Hippodrome hosted races for traditional annual prizes.
On the eve of the New Year, we tally up the results of the year gone by and make plans for the future.
Favourite Banduristka won the Oaks among the Orlovs
The first seminar, billed as Driving is the Unfamiliar Equestrian Sport.
To support Orlov Trotter competitions outside hippodromes
On 30 January 2021, Ramenskoye Hippodrome hosted a competition for the main winter prizes for Orlov trotters.
The first seminar billed as Driving is Unfamiliar Equestrian Sport. What Beginners Need to Know (Theory and Practice) is scheduled for 16 February 2021.
an agreement between the Stud Farm and the Rosplemkonzavod Association.
Kolenkor (Kuplet Konka) from Moscow Stud Farm No. 1 (owner Alexander Chmyryov, driver Alexander Sadov), solidly won the Pion Prize, setting the hippodromes record for senior Orlov Trotters at 1:59.7.
Moscow Stud Farm No. 1 is pleased to present the catalogue of Orlov Trotters offered for sale at the annual auction, to be held at the Stud on 3 October 2020.
As it prepares to celebrate its 95th anniversary, Moscow Stud Farm No.1 published a video on its YouTube channel showing its work with Orlov Trotters.
Australian equestrian athlete and coach Gary Rollans visited Moscow Stud Farm No. 1 to see its Orlov Trotters.
On 15 September 2019, the Orlov Trotter Championship was held at the Equine Russia equestrian exhibition organised by the Rosplemkonzavod Association, the Orlov Trotter Breeders and Owners Association, the All-Russian Research Institute of Horse Breeding and other institutions.
On 5 October 2019, Moscow Stud Farm No. 1 is holding its annual auction with over 30 Orlov Trotters available for sale.
On 28 July 2019, the Central Moscow Hippodrome held a race for major traditional Orlov Trotter prizes.
Bram Chardon, the youngest 2018/2019 FEI Driving* World Cup champion, visited Moscow Stud Farm No. 1. on 23 April 2019.
As 2018 comes to an end, it is time to sum up the results of our hard work, but first we want to tell you about two resounding victories at the Central Moscow Hippodrome.
Moscow Stud Farm No. 1 holds several annual competitions that have become a tradition.
The traditional autumn auction at Moscow Stud Farm No. 1 is scheduled for October 1, 2010 and will feature trotting breeds.
The fourth stage of the 2010 Yaroslavl Winter Russian Troika Championship was held on March 6, 2010. Horses from Moscow Stud Farm No. 1 made a good showing and took prizes in the 1,300-meter distance.

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