The Moscow Stud Farm is famous for its creation of a unique sub-breed that is the most valuable part of the contemporary Orlov Trotter gene pool.

Moscow Stud Farm stallions Pion and Kvadrat each sired more than 600 offspring, which have gone on to establish original bloodlines and families.

Twenty stallions foaled and raised at the Stud Farm currently stand at stud for many breeders in Russia and the former Soviet Union.

The stallion Pompey was raised at the Moscow Stud Farm and had a stud career at the Perm Stud, where he sired the 14-time breed record holder Kipr 2:03.5, who in turn sired the outstanding race track competitor and breed record holder, the stallion Drotik 2:02.6.

At the same Perm Stud, the Moscow-raised Blokpost sired the absolute record holder for trotters of all breeds foaled in Russia, the stallion Kovboy 1:57.2, who also sired several breed record holders. At the Khrenovskoy Stud, Blokpost sired the outstanding racetrack competitor Playboy, who sired a number of excellent trotters at other studs, including the 2002 Bars Prize winner, the stallion Ispanets.

The Moscow Stud Farm has close ties to all the contemporary record holders among Orlov Trotters because it holds the genetic gold standard to bringing out the best in the breed.