KANZLER 2:2:21.8; 3:2:07.4; 4:2:04.4

Grey stallion, 2009, born at Povorot V.P. LLC. Body measurements: 157-163-184-20 (11881 Imperator ó20866 Kukushka). Participant, winner, and runner-up of nine traditional prizes: Kovboy Prize: 2nd place, P.N. Kuleshov Prize: 2nd place, Perm Stud Prize: 1st place, Otklik Prize: 3rd place, Bars Prize: 2nd place, and others.

Sire: 1881 Imperator 2:02.6, grey, 1999, born at Lozovaya Stud Farm in Ukraine. The stallion was raced at the Kiev Hippodrome, participating in 43 races and winning 34 of them. He won the Grand Prize for 3YO, the Otklik Prize, the Bars Prize, three Pion Prizes, and other prizes. Imperator is the sire of Finist 1:58.9 (out of Fontanka), bay, 2008, the second after Kovboy 1:57.2; Belizna 2:02.4 (out of Belosnezhka), Bars Prize: 1st plce, and others, national record-setter; Gilza 2:02.6 (out of Golubka), Otklik Prize: 1st place, and others, national record-setter. Imperatorís sire was Prikaz 2:2:22.0, dark-bay, 1985. He sired 21 foals of class 2:10 and faster, including four offspring of class 2:05 and faster. Imperatorís dam was Iva 2:14.6, a daughter of Kunitsa from Moscow (Vodorod ó Kashira) in 0468 Kadetkaís family. Iva is a high-profile dam, having foaled three Bars Prize winners in Kiev and one in Moscow. In total, she foaled three stallions of class 2:05 and faster and two of class 2:06 and faster (Imperator 2:02.6, Ibragim 2:05.6, Import 2:05.2, Imperial 2:03.1, and Ikhtiandr 2:04.8).

Dam: 20866 Kukushka 2:10.4, grey, 2000, born at Khrenovskoy Stud. She foaled four offspring of class 2:10 and faster at Panchenko Stud, including Kandidat 2:01.8 (by Kanyon) and Kanzler 2:04.4 (by Imperator). Kukushka is a daughter of Kipr 2:03.5, a Derby and Bars Prize winner and Soviet national record-setter.

Kanzler is well-built, with a strong, solid constitution, an efficient stallion of excellent origin. His pedigree is filled with the names of the founders of Pilotís line (six members), Otklikís line (three members), and Pionís line (two members), which provides for excellent compatibility with the mares of the Moscow Stud Farm.

Kanzlerís first get was foaled at the Stud Farm in 2015. His foals are well-developed and lean, with strong, solid constitutions.