The female offspring of 6176 Kamchatka 2.10.5, bay, 1943

Born during the war, Kamchatka was of a higher class than Kuban. She won the Great Open Prize for 4YO Mares and was a runner-up in the Great All-Union Bars Prize and the Kuleshov Prize competitions.

Due to food scarcity during the war years, Kamchatka was a middleweight mare with body measurements of 158-158-172-20. Still, she was lean, breedy, and a great endurance rider who set the national record in 2,400-m races on ice among 4YO Orlov Trotter mares 3:23.3. Kamchatka’s daughters Bravaya 2:16.5, Borislava 2:11, and Korsika 2:16.4 were lean and big and with good bone. Her best daughters were sired by Bravyurny and Kvadrat. Kamchatka’s female offspring were also bred to Russian and American stallions and foaled high-speed horses. Among them were: Biota 2:06.2, Biolita 2:08, Bavaria 2:10, Banketka 2:2:45, the dam of Boyfriend 2:05.8, Burbon 2:04.3, who won the Kovboy, Kuleshov, and Perm Stud Farm prizes), Klipsa 2:14.8, Katyn 2:09.9, Kapa 2:07.5, and others. Kamchatka’s male descendants include Bazalt 2:05.5, Kiev Bars Prize winner; Banket 2:2:11.3, national record-setter; Baltiets 2:06.8, Moscow’s Bars Prize winner; Krasnotal 2:02.1, finished first in the Pion Prize competition in Moscow; Krit 2:03.9; Bort 2:09, Ukrainian Stud; Belgorod 2:05.9, and Kart-Blanche 2:05.2, the winner of the Bars Prize at the Central Moscow Hippodrome in 2017.