LYUBLIN, black, born in 2002 at Altai Stud Farm, Voin’s sire line

He is blind and has not participated in any competitions.

Body measurements: 163-172-188-20.75

Lyublin’s sire was Lukomor 2:06.3, bay, 1993, who won 19 traditional prizes, including the Great Prize for 3YO Orlov Trotters, the Pion Prize, the Bars Prize (3rd place), and the Great Altai Prize held at the Barnaul Hippodrome (4th place). During his years as the Farm’s stud, he sired 22 horses who made it to the speed class of 2:10 and faster, including two stallions of the speed class of 2:05 and faster: Zhezl 2:04.5, and Ideolog 2:05.0. In 2014, three of Lukomor’s sons were used for breeding at various stud farms:

- Parol 2:11.1 (out of Pospeshnaya 2:08.0)

- Iskatel 2:10.0 (out of Ivanna 2:08.8)

- Vympel 2:05.7 (out of Voskresnaya 2:26.8), who sired Moscow’s Bars Prize winner Interval 2:03.7 (out of Induska, never raced).

Lukomor’s 2:06.3 dam was Laplata 2:10.0 (Pervach – Livenka). Laplata foaled two stallions who made it to the speed class of 2:10.0 – Lukomor 2:06.3, and Lapnik 2:09.2.

Lyublin’s dam was Listva 2:09.8, black, 1988 (out of Lesostep 2:07 (r)). Lesostep was the daughter of Pervach and Livenka, which makes her Laplata’s full sister.

Beside Lyublin, Lukomor and Listva also foaled the mare Lolita 2:09.7, black, 2001, who was bred to Popugay 2:06 at Altai Stud Farm and foaled Likhoi Paren 2:04.8.

Due to the fact that Laplata and Lesostep were full sisters, there is a fixed genetic complex of Pervach and Livenka (the third degree of kinship on both the sire and the dam sides) in Lyublin’s pedigree, which makes Lukomor and Listva prepotent and greatly increases their likelihood of passing on high-speed qualities to their offspring.

Best foals: Lyublin was bred selectively at Kushumsky Stud Farm and sired Neapol 2:04.3, black, 2008, who became a record-setter at the age of three and won the Kovboy, Otklik, and Kuleshov prizes at the Central Moscow Hippodrome. He went on to sire Pavlin 2:17.9, chestnut, 2012, who set a record at the age of two. At the Roshcha Stud Farm, Lyublin sired the high-speed mare Platina 3:2:08.4, black, 2011. 

The stallion Karapet 2:08.2, has an important presence in Lyublin’s dam line (through Vodoskat 2:06.2, the sire of Listva), which further amplifies Lyublin’s genetic potential for siring speedy horses. Karapet was the sire of outstanding mares who became taproot mares in more than half of Ukrainian trotters’ pedigrees. Here is a selection of some of these mares:

– The remarkable Dikanka 2:07.2 (speed class of 2:10.0) from Dubrovka Stud Farm, who foaled Dobrota 2:09.7; 3:17.1, black, 1987. Dobrota foaled the stallion Delfin 2:03.5, grey, 1994, who won the Bars Prize in Moscow, and Darinka 2:04.5; 3:16.1, black, 2006. Dikanka was a 4YO record-setter.

– Ukrainka 2:14.4, 1980, the dam of stallion Uklon 2:04.1, dark bay, 1996. Uklon sired Kulon 2:04.1, Kuplet 2:03.1, Raund 2:01.2, Izumrud 2:03.1, and Begushchaya 3:10.4. Ukrainka was a 4YO record-setter.

Dikanka 2:07.2, bay, 1974 (Karapet 2:08.2 – Divnaya 2:11.2) has great potential to foal speedy horses, since her dam Divnaya 2:11.2, bay, 1967 (Otklik – Diva), foaled six trotters of the speed class of 2:10.0 and faster.

Karapet was the sire of Prikaz 2:22.0, black, 1988, out of Patoka 2:17.0, black, 1979, who sired a series of excellent trotters and stallions: Imperator 2:02.6, Kompozitor 2:04.4, Krestovy Pokhod 2:04.9, Import 2:08.2, Popugay 2:06.0, Oper 2:01.6, Shchuka 2:05.8, Fabian 2:06.8, and others. Nineteen of Prikaz’s descendants made it to the speed class of 2:10 and faster.