KUPLET 2:03.1; 3:09.1; 4:16.9

Bay, born in 2003 at Zaporozhye Stud Farm (11492 Uklon Ė 19069 Kalka)

Body measurements: 159-162-179-19.5

Kuplet is a strong, lean, high-performance stallion. He performed equally well in standard- and longer-distance races. He also demonstrated excellent results in both winter and summer races. In winter, he finished in the Rokossovsky Prize competition with a time of 2:05.8 and the Russian Winter Prize with a time of 3:10.4. His summer results were 2:03.1 at the Orlov Trotter Festival, 3:09.1 in the Sokolovís Memorial Prize competition, and 4:16.9 in the Russian Presidential Prize competition.

Kuplet set two records at Hippodrome Paris Vincennes. He was a participant, runner-up, and winner of 44 traditional and special-occasion Orlov Trotter Prizes and Festivals in France. Having competed 108 times in Ukraine, Russia, and France, he finished first 48 times and won 81 prizes in total (1st through 5th places).

Barchukís genes, which were almost lost, are repeated in Kupletís pedigree nine times (at the sixth, seventh, and eighth degrees of kinship), which helps Russian breeders maintain and further develop Barchukís sire line.

The first gets of Kupletís offspring at Moscow Stud Farm No. 1 feature record-setters and horses of the speed classes of 2:10, 2:05 and faster. Traditional prizewinners:


Ė Mare Kupletistka 2:2:11.6 (out of Kartinka), grey, national record-setter, won the Introductory Prize for 2YO Orlov Trotters and the Bylaya Mechta Prize

Ė Stallion Kriket 2:01.2; 3:07.2 (out of Kovboyka), bay; prizes: Otklik Prize, Moscow Breedersí Prize, VNIIK Prize (All Russia Scientific Research Institute of Horse Breeding) 2014, VNIIK 2015, Russian Winter Prize, Pion Prize, and VNIIK 2016

Ė Stallion Klerk 2:09.8 (out of Kenia), bay

2011, Khrenovskoy Stud Farm:

- Stallion Istorik 2:05.8 (out of Ivushka), grey

- Mare Kasatka 2:07.6 (out of Kapella), chestnut

2012, Moscow Stud Farm No. 1:

- Mare Kavychka 2:2:08.7 (out of Kovboyka), chestnut with some white; national record-setter 3:2:04.8; 3:11.2; national record-setter 4:2:03.7; two-time national record-setter; winner of 12 traditional prizes at the Central Moscow Hippodrome, Best Horse of 2015

- Stallion Kok 3:2:09.8; 4:2:05.2 (out of Kolyadka), bay

- Stallion Kolenkor 3:2:05.8; 3:10.9 (out of Konka), chestnut, national record-setter

- Stallion Kreshchatik 3:2:09.2; 4:2:06.1 (out of Kumanika), grey

- Stallion Boyaryshnik 3:2:07.6; 3:14.2; 4:2:04.0 (out of Brigada), bay,

- Mare Kanareika 3:2:09.2 (out of Kama), bay

- Stallion Giroskop 4:2:09.9 (out of Gotika), grey

- Stallion Bruklin 3:2:06.2 (out of Brustchatka), bay

- Mare Kokotka 3:2:10.8 (out of Kameristka), bay 

The above horses, foaled in small gets in 2009, 2011, and 2012, demonstrate the stallionís prepotency to pass on his high-speed genes for all distances run in Russian races.

Kupletís pedigree on his sireís side features three Bars Prize winners: Uklon (Kiev), Kabul, and Benzol (Moscow). Kupletís sire Uklon sired at least 15 horses of the speed class of 2:10 and four horses of the speed class of 2:05 and faster. They are Kulon 2:04.1 (full brother of Kuplet 2:03.1) at the Ukrainian Stud, and Kuplet 2:03.1, Raund 2:01.2, and Izumrud 2:03.1 (all three at Russian studs).