KOLOKOL 2:08.4; 1:20.3

Chestnut, 2002 (Kipr Kabala), born at Moscow Stud Farm No.1. Body measurements: 164-171-189-21. Kolokol has won all the main prizes for 2YO and 3YO at the Central Moscow Hippodrome: Introductory Orlov Prize, Ulov Prize, Winter Orlov Prize, Grand Prize for 3YO, and Kipr Prize.

He was awarded the title Best Horse of 2005 and named absolute Breed Champion at Ramenskoye in 2008. Family of 0468 Kadetka.

Sire: 10615 Kipr 2:03.5, bay, 1982. Winner of the Bars Prize and the Soviet National Grand Prize, Kipr was a 14-time breed record-setter. Kipr sired 32 foals of class 2:10 and faster, including six offspring of class 2.05 and faster and two winners of the Bars Prize in Moscow. The stallion demonstrated a good compatibility with mares of other studs. Kiprs dam was 14151 Krutizna 2:26.5. In addition to Kipr, she also foaled the following offspring of class 2:10 and faster: the stallion Kastet 2:10.0 and the stallion Kovboy 1:57.2, who was the absolute record-setter in the former Soviet Union, the winner of the Pion and Elita Prizes, the Grand Prize for 3YO in Moscow, and the Russian Cup in Ramenskoye, who produced 36 foals of class 2.10 and faster, including six foals of class 2.05 and faster, with one winner of the Bars Prize in Moscow (the stallion Kanyuk 2:05.6 (out of Kameya)).

Dam: 18822 Kabala 2:2:42.9. She also foaled: the mare Kadril 2:10.7 (Drotik) and the stallion Kembridzh 2:2:08.8 (by Imperator), the winner of the Kovboy Prize in Perm. Kabalas dam, Kakhetia 3:2:23.5, also foaled the mare Konka 2:08.9 (by Kulon), a winter track record-setter, who, in turn, foaled the stallions Kumanek 2:09.7 (by Kovboy) and Kolenkor 3:2:05.8 (by Kuplet), 3:10.9, the Russian national record-setter. The Soviet national record-setter mare Kanitel 4:2:02.2 (r), 3:15.1 also belongs to this family.

Kolokol has one of the best pedigrees in the breed, with Soviet and Russian national record-setters in both his sire and dam lines.

Six of Kolokols foals were raced under their limited use at the stud. Three of them showed the following results: Kritik 3:2:08.1 (out of Kichka), chestnut, 2008, Kovboy Prize: 3rd place; General 2:03.0; 3:09.5; 4:21.4 (out of Girlanda), bay, 2008, Pion Prize: 1st place (Ramenskoye), Paris Prize for Orlov Trotters at the Vincennes Hippodrome in 2016: 1st place; Kritika 3:2:10.3 (out of Kichka), chestnut, 2009.