The mare family of 3673 Keramika 2:19.0 (Reum – Kartinka), bay, 1930

Keramika 2:19.0 was the winner of the Winter Orlov Trotter Competition for 3YO, the Great Orlov Trotter Competition for 3YO and the Great Orlov Trotter Mare Competition.

In 1946, Proliv and Keramika foaled bay Kvadrat 2:08.1; 4:23.0, who won seven out of eight traditional prizes at the Central Moscow Hippodrome, including the Bars and Derby prizes. In 1948, Keramika foaled bay Kanonerka 2:2:29.0 (by Proliv), who became a 2YO record-setter before she got to the Stud Farm. In 1966, Kanonerka foaled the bay Karat by sire Apex Hanover. Karat became the fastest 2YO colt (2:14.0). He successfully competed in various competitions in Moscow and Finland and set lifetime records: 2:04.0; 3:11.3; 4:17.1.

Two of Keramika’s other foals stayed at the Stud Farm: the black mare Karolina (by Epizod), 1941, and the grey mare Kolonna 2:20.7 (by Perepel), 1945.

Karolina’s descendants are Bolivar 2:06.2, who won 4th prize in the Derby of 1976; the mare Belyanka 2:09.3 (by Komok), whose granddaughter Belosnezhka 2:17.5 (by Kapron) foaled the mare Belizna (by Imperator) in 2010. Belizna 3:14.1 (n. r.); 2:02.4 (n. r.); 3:11.1 (n. r.), is a three-time Russian national record-setter.

Botvina 2:09.4 (by Pion) was a gold-standard mare, and her sister Bukovina 2:06.1 (by Pion) was a six-time national endurance riding record-setter and a runner-up in the Bars Prize competition of 1985.

Most of the descendants of Keramika’s second daughter Kolonna 2:20.7 were sold to Finland. There, the mare Plomba 2:18.4, 1961, foaled Minba 1:59.0, who became the first Orlov Trotter to run with a time of under two minutes. 

Keramika’s descendant Bukharka foaled the mare Baffina 2:03.7 (by Pion) at Moscow Stud Farm No. 1 in 1976. Baffina went on to become a national record-setter.

This family produced over 45 Orlov Trotters who made it to the speed class of 2:10 and faster.