KANYUK 2:05.6; 3:18.7

Grey, 2001, born at Moscow Stud Farm No. 1

163-163-184-20, expert mark 4.0 points.

Kanyuk 2:05.6; 3:18.7 (Kovboy 1:57.2 Kameya 2:12.0) grey, 2001, born at Moscow Stud Farm No. 1.

Kanyuk is a two-time champion of the Russian National Orlov Trotter Festival and recipient of the honorary title Pearl of Russia. He is the winner of the Small and Big Cups of the Russian Troikas Championship and the winner or runner-up for 16 traditional prizes at the Central Moscow Hippodrome, including the Bars Prize, Otklik Prize, Kipr Prize and the Winter Distance Prize. He participated in 56 races between the age of two to four and won 28 of them. He received first and second-degree certificates for type and exterior at the Central Moscow Hippodrome in 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, and was named the best 3YO stallion of 2004 for type and exterior. Expert mark 4.0 points. Kanyuk belongs to the 0468 Kadetka family, the best at Moscow Stud Farm No.1 (the Stud uses it to a limited extent).

Sire: 10616 Kovboy 1:57.2; 3:06.7; 4:18.6; brown roan, 1984, born at Perm Stud. The absolute record-setter of the former Soviet Union, seven-time Soviet national record-setter. Paired with different mares, the stallion produced 36 foals of class 2:10 and faster, including six foals of class 2:05 and faster. He was an outstanding sire, whose wide compatibility with mares from different studs is proved by his offsprings success on the racetracks.

Dam: 18471 Kameya 2:12.0, grey, 1991, born at Moscow Stud Farm to the breeds best dam family of 0468 Kadetka. Kameya was the runner-up for the Bars Prize in Tver. She foaled 13 offspring over 14 fertile years. The best results were showed by: Kamelot 2:08.2, 2001, Kanyuk 2:05.6, 2001, and Kamelia 2:09.8, 2003. Kamelias daughter foaled the colt Kurazh 4:2:01.2 (by Rubin 2:03.9), 2010.

Kanyuks 2nd dam was Kolomna 2:08.2, grey, 1978. She was the best mare of 1981, and she foaled: in 1984, the stallion Krikun 2:05, sire-champion; in 1985, the sire Kvartet 3:2:08.9; in 1989, the stallion Karavan 2:09.3; in 1992, the mare Konventsiya 2:28, grey. In 2001, Konventsiya foaled the sire and champion Kroket 2:04.1 (by Kovboy 1:57.2). Five out of Kanyuks nine raced foals made it to class 2:10 and faster: Briz 2:07.0, Kaimak 2:08.6, Kakur 2:06.3, Goroskop 2:08.3, and Ryurik 2:09.2 (Bars Prize: 3rd place).

The sire and dam lines in Kanyuks pedigree trace a fixed genetic speed complex that has been successfully transmitted over several generations.