POLITIK 2:01.8 (1:16.0); 3:08.4 (1:18.6); 4:14.7 (1:19.6)

Grey, 2006 (Kolorit Ė Panika) at Perm Stud Farm; body measurements: 163-169-186-21. He won 33 traditional prizes, including 26 1st prizes, three 2nd prizes,  two 3rd prizes and two 4th prizes. He is a five-time Pion Prize winner (three prizes in Perm and two prizes in Ufa) and the winner of the Elite Prize in Perm, making him an absolute champion to this day. He also won the Bars Prize in Perm and Ufa in 2010.

Politik was recognised as the best 4YO stallion for type and exterior and was named the breedís Best Horse in 2010. He set a record for his breed in 3,200-m races. In 2013, he was the fastest in 1,600-m and 3,200-m races. He became his breedís absolute champion in the national competitions of 2010 and 2011 (Ufa and Perm), and in 2012 (Ufa).

With a time of 4:14.7, Politik broke the record set by stallion Karfagen 4:15.0 in 3,200-m races in 1987.

Politikís sire Kolorit 2:05.0; 3:12.1; 4:22.9 participated in 32 traditional prizes and won 25 of them, including three Pion Prizes in Moscow. He was equally successful in long-distance 2,400-3,200-metre races. Politikís grandsire Ippik, 1:59.7; 2:02.5 (r), still holds the national record in 2,400-m races. Politikís sire line features fast short- and long-distance stallions from generation to generation. Koloritís dam Kupavka (2:29.4), grey, born in 1984, was unique, foaling six stallions of the speed class of 2:10 and faster, including two stallions of the speed class of 2:05 (Kolorit (2:05.0) and Kvarkush (2:04.7)).

Politikís dam 17855 Panika 2:15.6, chestnut, 1989, was a daughter of the national record-setter Kipr 2:03.5. In addition to Politik, she also foaled two stallions of the speed class of 2:10 and faster: Polkan 4:2:07.5, grey, 1999, and Polk 7:2:07.2, grey, 2001 (both by Kolorit).

Politikís pedigree features such remarkable stallions as Kipr 2:03.5, Pompei 2:02.4 (r), Ippik 1:59.7; 3:02.5 (r), and Kubik 2:04.0, who won the prize set in honour of the 200th anniversary of the Orlov Trotter breed. This gives us hope that Politik will also sire exceptional offspring.

The first crop of Politikís foals was sold [A1] at the Spring Auction of 2016 held at Moscow Stud Farm No.1.