BERESKLET 2:03.0; 3:16.4; 4:26.7

Grey, 2002, born at Khrenovskoy Stud, owner Jockey Club Racing LLC

164-172-186-20.5 Expert mark 4.0 points (11463 Pakt Ė 17752 Banknota)

BERESKLET 2:03.0; 3:16.4; grey, 2002, born at Khrenovskoy Stud

Beresklet 2:03.0, grey, 2002, born at Khrenovskoy Stud. Pedigree: stunning member of Pilotís line, with fast offspring and established qualities attributed to the best breed representatives, record holders of the 1930s, Pilot 2:02.2 (r) and Ulov 2:02.2 (r), in the fifth and sixth generations.

Body measurements 162-160-180-20.

Winner of the Bars Prize (Moscow), winner of traditional prizes at the Central Moscow Hippodrome.

Bereskletís sire was Pakt 2:07.2; 3:13.5, who died early but was ranked among the best with his limited number of offspring; sired seven foals of class 2:10 and faster, including five offspring of class 2:05 and faster.

Bereskletís dam was Banknota 2:17.0. She foaled the sire Biatlon 2:03.9, the runner-up and winner of the traditional prizes, and Bakaleya 2:07.3. His 2nd dam, Biografia 2:14.8, foaled the record-setter Bespa 2:09.4; 3:15.4 and Baraskop 2:04.7 (r), the winner of the Bars Prize in Moscow.

Among Bereskletís first get at the Khrenovskoy Stud was his outstanding 3YO daughter Proba, 2009, 3:2:09.5 (out of Patoka), Altai Stud Prize: 4th place, Gondola Prize for 4YO mares: 1st place (2:10.8), Perm Stud Farm Prize: 5th place (3:21.2).

In 2014 and 2015, four of Bereskletís foals started their successful performance at the Central Moscow Hippodrome, especially the fillies:

ó Klubnichka 2:2:11.4 (out of Krupitsa), grey, 2012. Introductory Orlov Prize, Bylaya Mechta Prize: 2nd place, Ulov Prize: 3rd place; Shishkin Memorial 3YO Prize: 3rd place, Novotomnikovsky Stud Prize: 2nd place.

ó Algebra 2:2:14.5 (out of Akustika), grey, 2012. Bylaya Mechta Prize: 4th place, Shishkin Memorial Prize for 3YO: 4th place, Novotomnikovsky Stud Prize: 3rd place.

Zabeg 2:2:19.1 (out of Zemlya), bay, 2012, and Kubok 2:2:22.5 (out of Krasotka), black, 2012, stand out among colts.

As young foals, they were raised and trained in different studs (Khrenovskoy Stud Farm and Lagservice+), but they showed their best qualities under fierce competition at the Moscow hippodrome. Their speed and ability to fight show Bereskletís high compatibility and prepotency in transmitting speed to his offspring.

In 2014, 16 yearlings born in 2013 at Moscow Stud Farm No. 1 were sold at the Moscow auction. Some of them went on to the Central Moscow Hippodrome, where they revealed the true class of Beresklet as a sire.