The tradition of international auctions at Moscow Stud Farm No. 1 dates back to 1971. Even earlier, the Stud Farm began exporting horses abroad after Kvadratís first get attracted the worldís attention in 1959. In the mid-1960s, the Moscow Stud Farm decided to capitalise on its international ties and its success at the All-Russian Exhibition Centre auction in Moscow by building a new multifunctional complex for holding auctions, presenting breed collections, receiving high-level international delegations, and training the Stud Farmís employees.

The Moscow Stud Farmís auctions are a successful form of international cooperation where the benefits go beyond commercial profit to encourage improvements in horse breeding around the country.

Horses bred at the Moscow Stud Farm have been exported to Denmark, Italy, France, the US, Japan, and other countries. Many of these horses have won recognition for their performance. The best of the Stud Farm exports so far are Begoniya 2:06.9; 1:19.3, Kabarga 2:06.2; 1:18.9, Kameya (by Kamelek) 2:06.7; 1:19.2, Kamrat Veyko 2:07.2; 1:19.5, and Tamara 2:07.7; 1:19.8.

All Stud Farm auctions start with a show where buyers and guests view the best horses of various breeds and all the horses on offer. During the show, the Stud Farmís master horse breeder recounts highlights from the history of horse breeding in Russia and describes the breeds presented at the show. In the riding hall, jockeys demonstrate the horsesí dressage and jumping skills under saddle, on a long rein or on the loose. The master horse breederís narrative and the spectacular showing of the horses both contribute to the success of the auctions. Over 1,500 trotters and saddle horses have been sold abroad from these auctions.

The Moscow Stud Farm holds auctions twice a year in the spring and fall. Each auction showcases up to 100 horses of various breeds from a number of Russian stud farms. Stud Farm staff also use the auctions as an exciting venue for popularising national horse breeding traditions with an exhibition stable that showcases Russian breeds.

After an almost seven-year hiatus, the Moscow Stud Farm revived its tradition of holding international auctions on 30 October 2004. Since then, the Stud Farmís spring and fall auctions have offered specially selected Russian and Orlov Trotters, Trakehners, Hanoverians, Arabians, Tersks, Akhal-Tekes, Russian Saddle, and Budyonny horses. Each horse on offer has a good bloodline, impeccable exterior, excellent health, and even temper.

Moscow Stud Farm auctions also feature horses from other leading Russian stud farms, such as the Tersk, Stavropol, Starozhilovsky, Lokotskoy, and First Mounted Army Studs.

Sales figures for the Stud Farmís most recent international auctions provide convincing proof that the Farmís exceptional horses are in demand around the world.