The classic cross between Varmik and Lesok, well-known in early 20th century, gave breeders the idea of breeding Govorushka to Vagram (Varmik Trel). Grey Gichka, 1921, was quite short (151-173-18), but faster than her peers. She was ridden by Esper Rodzevich and won major Orlov Trotter prizes, such as the Great Prize for 3YO and the Great Prize for 4YO (the Bars Prize), with a time of 2:17.1. She lived a long life and was exceptionally prolific, giving the Stud Farm 17 foals in 21 years of fertility. The mares from Gichkas dam line were the gold standard for this breed and received the gold medal at the Exhibition of Achievements of the National Economy in 1957.

The horses from this family are fast and lean and have significant weight-bearing strength. On the downside, they are aloof, but calm and systematic training can bring out their willingness to fight and win. Gviana 2:03.2 and Gilza 2:02.6 were both national record-setters. Gichka 2:17.1, Gondola 2:10.4, Kamerton 2:09.8, Generosso 2:06.8, Grom 2:07.7, Gik 2:08.8, and Garant 2:03.8 were Bars Prize winners.

The mares from this family were multiple winners and champions at the Exhibition of Achievements of the National Economy: Gondola 2:10.4, Gavan 2:25.9, Groznaya Bitva 2:19.2, Gorislava 2:19.2, and Zvenislava 2:18.5. Contemporary descendants of Govorushka and Gichka are Gipotenuza 2:12.7, Gazel 2:26.0, Gimnastka 2:17.7, Gipoteka 2:14.1, Gipyurovaya 2:13.6, Girlanda 2:29.2, Grenada (never raced), and others.

In 1957, a group of mares from this family were awarded the Great Gold Medal and Honorary Diploma at the Exhibition of Achievements of the National Economy.

These mares children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren did well at various Russian hippodromes. The remarkable Gik 2:08.8 won all the traditional prizes (the Ulov Prize, the Great Prize for 3YO, the Bars Prize, and the Pion Prize) at the Central Moscow Hippodrome starting from the age of two. Gviana 2:03.2 was a national record-setter. Gilza 2:02.6 was two-time national record-setter. Gayduk 2:04.8 was an absolute champion in the type and exterior categories. Sinap 2:02.5 was a national record-setter. General 2:01.7, Stazher 2:04.8, and over 50 trotters who made it to the speed class of 2:10 and faster round out the group.