ZHARKY 2:04.6; 3:12.0; 4:26.7

Bay, 1993, born at Altai stud (10947 Kartezhnik 17208 Zhivopis)

Body measurements: 158-169-190-20.5

Zharky is the most prominent representative of Voins line, with an Eastern Arabian style and a desirable type for the Orlov breed combined with a strong constitution and health. This allowed the stallion to successfully compete on racetracks from Barnaul to Moscow for 11 years (10 years of racing career in total). Expert mark 4.0. He often participated in ring dressage competitions and national championships in Ufa, Barnaul, Perm, and Moscow, receiving first, second, and third-degree certificates for his type and exterior. The stallion won 47 traditional prizes: Bars Prize: 2nd place, Pion Prize: two 1st prizes, three 2nd prizes; Elita Prize: 4th and 3rd in Barnaul, Pion Prize in Moscow: 4th.

Sire: Kartezhnik 2:07.9, grey, 1983, limited foals, but four offspring out of eight delivered to hippodromes ran 2:10 and faster. Three stallions (Zharky 2:04.6, Maskarad 2:08.2, and Lukomor 2:06.3) went on to be sires at different studs.

Dam: Zhivopis 2:19.5, black, 1983, foaled 17 offspring over 17 fertile years, eight out of which were raced. The best results were showed by Zhertva 2:10.8, Zharky 2:04.6, Zhanr 2:04.1, and Zhezl 2:06.1.

Zharky showed his full potential with the mares at Moscow Stud Farm No. 1, siring with his first get with the five-time Russian record-setter Floristika 2:03.8, bay, 2008 (Frazas granddaughter), winner of the Bars Prizes in Moscow and Ramenskoye. In addition, in 2011, Zharkys foal, winner of the Russian Horse Breeders Cup Izhitsa 2:06.0 (out of Iskrometnaya), was born at the Khrenovskoy Stud. He has a total of seven offspring of class 2:10 and faster.