EQUIROS’2009. CEC «Sokolniki» 19-23 August


EQUIROS’2009. CEC «Sokolniki» 19-23 August

“Without an exaggeration we could say that EQUIROS has already become an upscale event”. Lubov Arhipova.

Even in the challenging economic situation the equestrian exhibition is not neglected by the public. Lubov Arhipova, the director of EQUIROS-2009 told us about the traditions of exhibition and new trends in equestrian world.

The program of EQUIROS-2009 could be rightly called “anti-recessionary”. It is brief, practical, informative, and concerned about the profitability and budgetary support. How did you rub through this year? What could you say about the influence of the global economic situation on the Russian equestrian segment?

I wish I could say that the global financial crisis did not affect the equestrian world in general and our exhibition in particular… But unfortunately, it is not true… During our conversations with the participants of EQUIROS-2009 it became clear – by no means all of them, including shops, stud farms and industry mass-media, do as well as they did last year. Moreover, some companies were forced to suspend their activity.

However, most specialists are fully aware that they can’t miss the opportunity to join our exhibition, because we could say without an exaggeration that EQUIROS has already become an upscale event. Not to be its participant means to cripple own position on the market. At the same time the steering committee offers new anti-recessionary participation terms. Russian producers and horse breeders could pay a discounted registration fee.

Has the entry list changed significantly this year? How many guests are expected on EQUIROS-2009?

In comparison with all the previous years the entry list almost has not changed. Russian equestrian industry is relatively young. As far as the main producers and trade companies are still present on the exhibition, our participants have a chance to sign business agreements and letters of intent, and certainly to enjoy the traditional “equiros” shopping. Germany would be represented on a collective stand by 20 companies. We also expect the delegation from France. It is a sign of the growing interest of the international business in the Russian market. On a forthcoming exhibition we anticipate more non-commercial equestrian organizations invited by EQUIROS management board: Federation of Equestrian Sports of Russia (FKSR), Western Riding Sport Federation, Centre of stunts on horseback of the Russian Equestrian Federation, joint group of organizers of long-distance horse racing, Moscow Polo club, SODRUJESTVO Association. Our guests would have an opportunity to get detailed information about any type of equestrian sport of their interest.

EQUIROS representatives planned to visit EQUITANA, international equestrian exhibition. What practices of our foreign colleges could find an application in Russia?

Indeed, this March the management board of our exhibition organized a business trip to EQUITANA, international equestrian exhibition No.1 in the world, for Russian horse-breeders. We met with EQUITANA management board and exchanged our experience. We also studied the program and the structure of the exhibition. Certainly, we admired the capabilities of our German colleagues and the scope of the exhibition with a good natured envy. But on the other hand, it is clear that Russian and German equestrian industries are on completely different stages of development. EQUIROS has its distinctive features. We should not (and, probably, could not) try to outperform EQUITANA.

However, we focus our efforts on the key purpose – to make the EQUIROS an international event. This year we made our first steps in that direction.

The list of the events for Arabian breed gets longer. Is it your personal initiative or is there some public demand for it in Russia? May be there is a rising interest to that particular breed or to the horse race in general?

There were several trends in the exhibition breed portfolio over the history of EQUIROS. We had years of Akhal-Teke, of Trotter, of sport horses. Some would call the EQUIROS-2008 the “exhibition of Friesian horse”. It is just a reflection of fashion trends of a day. In the stables of EQUIROS-2009 there is indeed a bigger number of Arabians. The main reason for that is the Championship of Russia on the Show of the Pure-Bred Arab Horses, qualifier for the World Championship, scheduled in the program of the exhibition. This show traditionally is extremely popular.

One of our special gests is Jan Kalis, world-known show-horse trainer from Netherlands. He usually performed at EQUIROS as a horse handler at show-championships of pure-bred Arab horses. This time he has another mission. Jan Kalis will run several practical seminars on horse demonstration within the ring and at the final day of exhibition will chair the jury of The First All-Russian Contest of Handlers. Horses of all breeds could take a part in both events.

Last year EQUIRIOS promoted the Western equestrian sport. What “outlandish wonders” should we anticipate this year?

I have no doubts, our guests have an extending experience of participating international equestrian events, so it would be quite difficult to amaze them by some “outlandish wonder”. (Actually, traditionally there are plenty of domestic “wonders” as well). Nevertheless, the organizers of the exhibition are going to present a unique project, which is just expected in Paris, New York and Dubai. We speak about photo-exhibition EQUUS by world-famous British photo-artist Tim Flach. Tim is also well known as an advertisement photographer. EQUUS, the photo album of his works dedicated to horses, has become a world-wide best-seller. The show visitors will be able not only to admire Flach’s photos but also to visit the exhibition of his private collection.

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