Kalligrafia Is Back Home


Kalligrafia Is Back Home

A significant event occurred in the life of Moscow Stud Farm No. 1. One of the best Orlov mares of recent years, Kalligrafia (KanyukKofemanka), returned to its dam stock.

The mare won four traditional prizes at the Central Moscow Hippodrome, including a 2,400-m Ippik Prize, where Kalligrafia beat the best three-year-old stallions at 3:14.1. Kalligrafias best speed at four years is 2:03.6.

Kalligrafia was named Russias best three-year-old Orlov horse based on 2021 results.

Moscow Stud Farm No. 1 would like to thank Kalligrafias owner Ekaterina Cherepanova.

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