Moscow Stud Farm No. 1 Issues Annual Auction Catalogue


Moscow Stud Farm No. 1 Issues Annual Auction Catalogue

Moscow Stud Farm No. 1 is pleased to present the catalogue of Orlov Trotters offered for sale at the annual auction, to be held at the Stud on 3 October 2020.

See the full catalogue with photos and video here:


Moscow Stud Farm No. 1 is putting up for auction 38 beautiful young Orlov Trotters foaled in 2019. They are offspring of the Stud Farmís best dams and excellent sires, including Politik, Kuplet, Kanzler, Kanyuk, and Kriket. All the foals are well grown, with the proper exterior and gaits, and elegant coats. Many of them have excellent prospects for racing, carriage riding, and showing.

ďThe current tough situation is difficult, but we are still working to the same high standards and breeding outstanding horses. We are also developing a system to support owners who buy their horses from us. When you buy a horse at our auction, you are supporting the Orlov Trotter as a piece of our national heritageĒ, says Stud director Yury Prokhorov.

The Stud Farmís unique dam stock originates from five taproots: Govorushka, Kadetka, Keramika, Kaleria and Tochka (Barviha). Each of these mare lines is special and valuable for the entire breed. Over the years, Moscow Stud Farm No. 1 has conducted impressive selective breeding. The Stud Farmís most valuable Orlov Trotter mares foal horses at top stud farms in Russia and abroad. Every year, members of these mare lines win traditional prizes, championships, and ring shows.

The results of the last two international auctions held by Moscow Stud Farm No. 1 proved that there is significant demand around the globe for the Stud Farmís high-quality horses.

We invite equestrian professionals and enthusiasts to view our catalogue and attend the annual auction at Moscow Stud Farm No. 1 on 3 October 2020.

Visit the auction website for a list of horses sold at previous auctions and information on their achievements.

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