Moscow Stud Farm no. 1 Publishes Video about its Work with Orlov Trotters


Moscow Stud Farm no. 1 Publishes Video about its Work with Orlov Trotters

As it prepares to celebrate its 95th anniversary, Moscow Stud Farm No.1 published a video on its YouTube channel showing its work with Orlov Trotters.

The video is available at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=32NvjgqzBik&t=.

The six-minute-long video tells about the daily routine at Moscow Stud Farm No. 1, which is a unique Orlov Trotter national park. It shows the Orlov Trotter breed, created by Count Aleksey Orlov almost 250 years ago, in all its beauty. Today, this breed is the hallmark of Russian horse breeding, a national treasure and a source of national pride. Its contribution to Russias cultural heritage is invaluable.

The video also showcases the legendary Russian Troika. Moscow Stud Farm No.1 was one of the first to revive and promote this traditional Russian team of Orlov Trotters.

Moscow Stud Farm No.1 promotes equestrian sports, horseback riding, and horse breeding in Russia. It runs a free equestrian school for children. The schools students win international competitions riding horses foaled at our Stud Farm.

Moscow Stud Farm No. 1 Director Yury Prokhorov: We are the leading Orlov Trotter breeder in Russia. Our horses grace stables in Russia and abroad. The daily work of our dedicated employees helps us preserve Russias unique horse breeding traditions.

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