World Cup Driving Champion Bram Chardon Visits Moscow Stud Farm no. 1


World Cup Driving Champion Bram Chardon Visits Moscow Stud Farm no. 1

Bram Chardon, the youngest 2018/2019 FEI Driving* World Cup champion, visited Moscow Stud Farm No. 1. on 23 April 2019. Right before the summer season, one of the world's best athletes took the time to come to Russia and see the Orlov Trotters.

Driving four-in-hand, Chardon, who finished the series with a final faultless round and beat the so-far-unbeatable Boyd Exell, is now considered one of the strongest performers and the most promising four-in-hand drivers.

Chardon was invited to Russia by Moscow Stud Farm No. 1 and the Rosplemkonzavod Association. During his visit, he was given a tour of the Stud Farm and shown our breeding stallions and growing horses.

The Orlov Trotter breed deserves international recognition. Horses foaled at Moscow Stud Farm No. 1 are distinguished by their magnificent exterior, good health, and high speed, and could find use abroad as a new promising breed for competitive horse driving.

During his visit, Chardon discussed promotion possibilities for the Orlov Trotter breed, as well as current requirements for carriage driving horses, such as body build, temperament, and nuances of primary training.

* Carriage driving is one of the equestrian disciplines in which athletes (a driver and a groom) compete in tournaments driving horse carriages. Carriages are divided into classes based on the number of horses in harness.

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