Childrenís Riding School at Moscow Stud Farm No. 1 Reaches Fifth Year


Childrenís Riding School at Moscow Stud Farm No. 1 Reaches Fifth Year

On October 21, Moscow Stud Farm No. 1 celebrated the fifth anniversary of its Childrenís Riding School with a gala that included riding demonstrations, horse shows and art and photo exhibitions.


Visitors enjoyed watching students demonstrate riding techniques, in addition to viewing the Risunok Loshadi youth art exhibition and a photo exhibition dedicated to the schoolís fifth anniversary. More than 200 people attended the event: student riders with their parents, special guests of the Russkoye Zarubezhje library fund and representatives from the Timiryazev Agricultural Academy in Moscow.  

The Honorary cavalry escort of the Presidential regiment and mounted police from the Moscow Main Department of Internal Affairs performed stunts on horseback with prize-winning riders from the Timiryazev Academy. A Russian troika driven by jockey Alexander Pankov demonstrated dressage elements. 


Riding school students participated in the Stoilo and Boi Sultanchikov competitions, after which the winners received certificates, prizes, medals and souvenirs.  

Other events on the programme included a showcase of prize-winning Orlov trotter mares and stallions raised at Moscow Stud Farm No. 1. Visitors also met Albatros, an Arabian stallion presented to the riding school at its opening in 2002 by President Vladimir Putin.


The Moscow Stud Farmís management is committed to supporting youth sports as a top priority. At present, 60 children aged 10-18 attend to the riding school. The schoolís trainers use a variety of methods to help students master riding and jumping.     

The celebration was opened with welcome addresses by Moscow Stud Farm General Director Yury Prokhorov, who read an open letter from Gennady Seleznev, President of the Russian Equestrian Federation, and Aleksey Golikov, First Deputy Head of the local Odintsovo administration.  

The chief executives of the Russkoye Zarubezhje library fund gave speeches at the opening and, as part of their Dedicated to the Horse Guards project, invited members of the eminent Golitsyn, Trubetskoy and Obolensky families to attend the event.


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