Moscow Stud Farm Troika at the World Horse Festival


Moscow Stud Farm Troika at the World Horse Festival

Every year the German town of Aachen hosts the World Horse Festival, one of the country’s largest national sports events. This year the festival will be held June 27 – July 6.

The tournament dates back more than 80 years and is visited by more than 300,000 spectators every year, with 190 riders from 20 countries participating in five types of equestrian events.

In addition to the riding competitions, the festival includes a rich cultural programme of elaborate shows, performances with horses, master classes and demonstrations by top riders, meetings, equestrian workshops and conferences.

Each year a partner country is invited to take part in the festival, with the invited country presenting its national traditions and identity to an enormous European audience. In 2008, Russia was named the festivals partner country. Russias unique horse traditions will be on display during the opening ceremony and the festival.

Audiences in Aachen will see the honourable cavalry escort of the Presidential regiment, which will demonstrate elements of martial arts and top-class horse riding, and a team of 12 riders showing traditional martial arts stunts on horseback. Three Russian troikas, including the legendary Aleksandrit troika from Moscow Stud Farm No. 1 driven by jockey Alexander Pankov, will also be on hand to demonstrate to the audience the grace and beauty of the only multi-allure harness in the world.

Visit the official World Horse Festival site for more information:  http://www.chioaachen.de

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