Concluding the 2018 Racing Season


Concluding the 2018 Racing Season

As 2018 comes to an end, it is time to sum up the results of our hard work, but first we want to tell you about two resounding victories at the Central Moscow Hippodrome. Race favourite Kriket, ridden by Olga Isaeva, won the Krepish Prize in excellent style with a time of 3:12.0. Kart-Blanche, the Bars Prize winner of 2017, was ridden by young jockey Yulia Tarasenko and won the first prize in the Rokossovsky Race (2:07.6).

While Krikets victory was expected, Kart-Blanche beat older trotters in the traditional prize race for the first time, which is why we are especially pleased.

In 2018, our horses won 11 traditional prizes at the Central Moscow Hippodrome (more than any other trotter stud farm in Russia), bringing the total number of prizes won at different Russian hippodromes to over 20.

Despite the increased competition, our horses still live up to their prestigious title of being born at Moscow Stud Farm No. 1.

We would also like to wish a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to our staff, the owners of horses foaled at our Stud Farm, our friends and partners across the world, and all our supporters.

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